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Stupid Question, need simple answer

  • So I have a forum up and running and people can get to it through my blog. However after a many weeks I just noticed there is no way for somebody to get back to my blog from the forum. I need a simple way to add a “return to blog” type button on the top of the forum page.

    Also I noticed when i go into my dashboard I can not find where my theme can be edited (ie can’t find the stylesheet) Please help!

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  • chrishajer


    Adding a link back to you blog home page was discussed here recently:

    For editing your theme, it’s not like WordPress. You can’t edit the stylesheet online. You would need to edit it locally then upload the changes.

    Sorry I’m still not getting it, the 1st step is;

    “You can touch whatever you want. In your theme you have access to all the php files. Find the page that controls the look of the page you want to modify and add your nav bar there. “

    and i guess i can’t find how to get into the theme, there is no page?. And there is no theme editor, so where to i go to get started.



    With no theme editor, you need to edit the files locally then upload them, just like you uploaded the complete bbPress installation when you started. You need an FTP program or a file manager with your host (maybe there is one in the control panel.)

    Since you can’t edit the files with a theme editor, you will need to edit them on your computer then upload them.

    The files you want to look at are all located in /bb-templates/{theme name}/ – those files are where you will make your edits. If you can find that we can go from there.

    Thanks! I got it now and added the right button. Since somebody else added the forum for me I didn’t realize I had to go to my host and file manager to make changes, I just kept looking in the wrong place. Thanks for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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