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Stuck at Join section on custom import

  • farbewerk


    WP 4.4.2
    BBPress 2.5.8

    I’m creating a custom import module from the Example.php file that comes with the installation. I’ve filled in the table and field for everything that is available from the previous forum software (WebWiz) and have commented out sections that don’t have information to map.

    Upon start, the importer trips up at the Join part of the forum section. I need to know what to put in these areas:

    		// Setup the table joins for the forum section
    		$this->field_map[] = array(
    			'from_tablename'  => 'groups_table',
    			'from_fieldname'  => 'forum_id',
    			'join_tablename'  => 'forums_table',
    			'join_type'       => 'INNER',
    			'join_expression' => 'USING groups_table.forum_id = forums_table.forum_id',
    		//	'from_expression' => 'WHERE forums_table.forum_id != 1',
    			'to_type'         => 'forum'

    The “groups_table” and the “forum_id” fields are the ones I don’t know where to find.

    On a realted subject, what of these mapping statements are absolutely 100% necessary to get a successful import? I can send anyone the module code if that helps.

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  • Robin W


    long time since I’ve done one, but here are my detailed notes from a custom. I haven’t re-read, but I do talk about this in part 3

    Hopefully it will help



    I saw that posting and it has helped immeasurably. The one thing I’m hung up on is the join at the end of each section. I don’t know where to send the info for the Forum table because isn’t that sprayed all over the postmeta table? Don’t know if you have a moment but if I could trouble to bend your ear on this little project, I’d be grateful.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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