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Struggling with bbpress 2.3.2 in WordPress 3.5.2 installation

  • filmmannen


    Hi, i have searched different forums here, and tried different solutions but not yet found the right one.

    Im now using WordPress 3.5.2, and like many others here i have problems with my bbpress installation for 2.3.2, which started when the new bbpress plugin came out and i found my Forums menu had disappeared, and my admin user where locked out for trying to fix things straight. I tried this solution (“”)

    1) deactivate plugin + delete plugin
    2) manually installed older version from SVN (
    3) export forum data (from Tools)
    4) reset forum plugin
    6) installed wordpress import plugin
    7) imported forum data

    ..and I where able to see my forums in the admin menu once again. However once i did update the plugin again, i where locked out and lost the forums in admin menu once again.

    I haven’t been able to administer the keymaster to my Admin, i have tried the solution (before i updated bbpress to 2.3.2) with “Admin \ Tools \ Forums \ Remap existing users to default forum roles” and it says OK – fixed 6 roles, but when i check my Admin user in the users list im still just a Forum Participant. (After update i don’t see Forums under Admin \ Tools)

    I try using the User Role Editor (but it may be i haven’t understood it fully yet… – im not able to administer the administrators capabilities through it, at least i havent found out how to do it), my Admin user has also another user name than “admin” – if that make this a problem?

    In my forum, i (the admin) and the subscriber/editor users, is able to see the forum and the under-forums, and how many topics and replies/posts there are, but when i click one of the under-forums with ex. 12 topics and 16 posts. I get the message:

    “This forum contains 12 topics and 4 replies…
    Oh bother! No topics were found here!”

    But im able to add new topics, and they seem to work like they should, but im not able to see my old topics, and i only see one reply – when i follow the freshness-link – it also acts in different ways – sometimes i get to a page – that

    Im not too used with coding, so please explain carefully what i could/should do?
    (And my english may not be all correct, as its not my main language).

    My page is at (in Norwegian) and the forum is hidden – since its on a membership required page.

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  • filmmannen


    This solved itself partly when I removed the User Role Editor and replaced it with the plugin Members – then i where able to administer the administrators rights. And i where able to get the bbpress updated to the newest edition without loosing control over it.

    However im still unable to restore my topics and replies list in the forum. I have three .xml backups of the forum, the topics and the replies, but i struggle with getting them back up again.

    And it may be that the .xml files isn’t enough?

    Anyone know of a good .xml importer for the bbpress? To get my forums back online, or is this case lost?

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