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Struggling to customize themes…

  • marksibly



    I’m new to both wordpress and bbpress, and am having a few problems customzing a theme for my forums.

    I am copying ‘page.php’ (or ‘index.php’ in the case of stargazer) to ‘bbpress.php’ and editing that.

    Mainly, I just want to get rid of the posts/navbar stuff and have full width forums. However, I seem to need to remove get_footer() to achieve this (there doesn’t seem to be a get_nav() or get_sidebar() in either theme I’ve tried) – but doing this causes odd side effects.

    In the case of the ‘stargazer’ theme, removing the footer causes extra ‘>’ chars to be inserted into the forum breadcrumb trail. Forums are still only about 60% of page width too.

    In the case of the ‘twentyfifteen’ theme, it causes the theme to go into some weird mode where a bunch of HUGE links suddenly appears on the left of the page.

    Can anyone suggest a good ‘starter’ theme for me to play with, along with possibly hints for how to get a ‘clean’ forum page?

    Apart from this, setting up bbpress has been a breeze!


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  • Robin W


    ok, can you post

    the bbpress.pho you are currently using
    a link to your site, or more soecifically the page you want changed
    what you want changed

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