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Structure of forum / site

  • pissedvet



    I am trying to build a forum site for a group authors and I can not get the structure I would like. Hopefully, someone can help me get where I want to be with this.

    I have two forum level entries. Call them Stories and Support.

    An Author goes to the Stories level and creates a ‘Work in Progress’ or Story. This is also the Topics level. At this level the Author gives information about the Story.

    Next he / she creates a Chapter. The Chapter level is writable ONLY to the Author who created the Story / Topic.

    The Replies level anyone who has an account on the site can create.

    I would like similar for the Support forum.
    I create topics like Coaches, Publishers, Cover Artists, etc.
    People who would like to offer their services as a coach or other creates a detail page that only they can modify, but others can reply with reviews, etc.

    I hope this makes sense to everyone. Can this be done with bbPress? If so, how?


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