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StreetLib Connect

  • dedotombo


    StreetLib Connect is a bbpress-buddypress-powered forum and community about books by StreetLib, a full-featured service platform for authors and publishers.

    The login system and the profiles are integrated with our own applications via CAS technology.

    The forum is quite large, we have been able to semi-manually import an old SMF-powered forum with more than 150,000 messages. The difficult part was moving the automatically imported forum from a localhost bbpress to production.

    We are using the 1925.4 patch to improve performance (queries, repair tools, etc. it would be unusable without it maybe).

    So we are using the latest stable version 2.5 (patched) and the great OneSocial theme by BuddyBoss. Plus a lot of our own modifications.

    Feel free to showcase our forum if you want, we would be glad!

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