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Strange issue in RECENT REPLIES Widget

  • ico33


    Hi guys, I can’t understand why but today the widget of the recent replies has a strange issue. And just in ONE topic.

    What does I mean? I have this widget going on for months. Everything was ok.

    It shows the 7 most recent replies, but when a reply is in a specific topic, there is the issue. You click on the last reply (of that topic!) and you are brought to the first page of the topic, and not to the last message. If in the 7 most recent replies there are other topics, wverything is ok and you get the last reply. I see that the issue is in the link the widget generates for that specific topic, and don’t know why the other topics are ok. Even this single topic was ok, but since 3 or 4 days, there is that issue with that topic.


    Now my widget shows the 7 most recent replies. This is the link of the reply of the “problematic topic”

    Here is the link of another reply of a different topic

    As you can see, the topic “Monella” doesn’t have the pagination in the link. Why? That topic is 67 pages. But clicking on it (it’s the link in the most recent replies widget) you go to the first page, not to the last replies as it happens for others replies.

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  • ico33


    I can confirm that the widget starts having also other problems. For example, in another topic, the recent reply widget takes you to the “last reply” but it is not the last one.

    What the hell does that widget have?? It was ok and now seems crazy! Anybody helps?

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