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Strange browser problem

  • I have my forum integrated with wordpress, and all was working fine in both firefox and IE until i turned permalinks on in wordpress only. I emphasize, wordpress only, i’m not using pretty urls in bbpress.

    This is where the odd behaviour starts. My blog works perfectly, permalinks work fine, and my forum works fine in firefox. However, when using permalinks in wordpress, i get “page cannot be found” error in IE7 when trying to browse the forum.

    I’m totally stumped. My server supports permalinks, it works perfectly in firefox, wordpress works in IE7, and bbpress works in IE7 with permalinks off in wordpress. But with them turned on… page not found. What the hell?

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  • chrishajer


    I have no idea honestly. I am using WP with permalinks and bbP without permalinks and it works fine all over the place (FF and IE, Linux and Windows.)

    I did notice with weirdness in the forum source:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="'. bb_get_option('uri') .'my-plugins/bb-emoticons.php?bb_grins_output=javascript"></script>

    Looks like the bb_get_option wasn’t wrapped in php tags? Maybe there are more things like that?

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