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Straight Up Confused…Site Wide won't install? Forums not Showing?

  • shawnkelshaw


    I have a host of problems and not sure really where to begin. Normally, I’d simply try uninstalling the bbpress plugin, but I only get all the same settings and experiences back when I try to start over. Here’s a few of the problems I’ve got:

    1.) We’d like to use the New Site Wide Forums option (vs Forums for Groups). My first question is this an either or scenario or do you have to use the Forums for Groups? I always have a “Use Existing” option for Groups and there is no uninstall button available. When I install the Site Wide and return back to the buddypress forums tab, it still reflects the Groups…

    2.) Regardless of the option selected above, I can not get a Forum page to display…I only get 404. Yes. I’ve created a Test Forum instance and I’m using the “View” option to check it out. 404 error. (it is published and public, I’m logged in as admin)

    If I were to try deleting the tables from the database, uninstalling the plugin and manually removing all server side files, would that help to start over? If so, what tables get removed??

    Thanks in advance.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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