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Storee Board – a different kind of forum

  • is my new site using bbPress. The site is not a forum as such, it is used more as a game.

    I’ve modified the kakumei theme and really simplified and cleaned up the whole look.

    I hope you like the look of it…

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  • It’s looking good.

    It does look nice, but there’s no registration for new members. Intentional?




    ? It’s right above the login form. ;)

    Looks good, the only thing I noticed you might want to address is that when you’re not logged in and viewing a post page, the “You must log in to post” appears floated to the right and a little above the “New Topic In This Forum” header.

    Thanks for the replies and positive feedback.


    Thanks for that I didn’t even realize. Will fix that up shortly…


    I viewed the forum from the computer at my “day job” (otherwise known as the POS with antique innards) and the login form was floating at the top right corner and nothing above it was visible.

    @batrachoid are you using IE 6 or IE 7 because I just checked the site in IE 7 and the login form and registration info were almost completely hidden.

    I’ve fixed the problem now, although it still doesn’t look quite right in IE 7, but at least it can be seen and people can register now :)

    I think it was IE 6, snails07. I’m at home now and everything looks good in IE 8, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.



    *drops a small atom bomb on IE6*

    …followed by a kung-fu kick straight into…

    (sorry couldn’t help but make it into a Storee)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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