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Stop visual editor “inheriting” theme colours

  • cristofayre


    On my post / pages, the Tiny MCE Visual Editor displays as it should, ie a row (or two) of grey and black icons, allowing user to select align right / align left / justify etc. (I mention that in case anyone thinks I’m referring to the ‘basic’ buttons as shown on this forum posting options) As such, I don’t think it’s the theme / plugins causing the problem.

    However, once “bbPress” fires up, the buttons go crazy, and ‘inherit’ the CSS styles from the theme. (The vendor who created the “WP-Edit” plugin says in an article that some themes are DESIGNED so that the buttons change to the theme colours; I want to keep the default colours)

    In another post, RobinW suggested the “bbpress-pack” which has done a great job getting the forum set up the way I want … but it doesn’t redress the button problem.

    I am using:

    Theme: dashscroll
    Plugins: ARMember (membership plugin)
    WP-Edit (to change the buttons on the editor)

    I THINK there is code I can place somewhere that effectively filters this settting so that it doesn’t take effect … but what I need to filter for, or the code to use I have no idea.

    NB: The “Visual” and “Text” buttons also seem to be inheriting the font size / padding of theme as it is also displacing the text on said buttons.

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  • cristofayre


    Having done a little digging in the CSS that “bbp style pack” creates, I THINK I have isolated the buttons to the class of

    color: 000000

    … which is the correct grey / black that the editor buttons SHOULD be. But it seems that something after that is picking up the theme colours, and setting it to those. (Unless there is some code earlier that is !IMPORTANT! that is setting it.

    Also, “bbPress” seems to have a mind of it’s own, disregarding settings made within WordPress. For example, the editor has been set up with two rows of buttons … but “bbPress” will only display the default 12 or 13 buttons in one row, (and not even those match what’s been set up elsewhere in WordPress) The same plugin that sets up two rows of buttons has an option with “Don’t use visual editor in bbPress” Guess what … “bbPress” loaded the visual editor anyway.

    Another plugin states “Switch this on to use the membership profile rather than the bbPress profile” Turn that on, and … rather than link to the profile, the link shows “#” so that it simply reloads the same page. And the big profile button (beside “Create Topic”) STILL jumps to the bbPress profile !!

    OK, appreciate that some of those things are bbPress not accepting the settings of the other plugins … but it gets somewhat annoying when you bat your head against a brick wall all day!

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