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Still haven't found fix for bbpress for WP 4.0 ?

  • pazzaglia


    Like many others, my bbpress forums broke when I upgraded to WP 4.0 – all of the topics were still listed, and the pages were there, but you would only see the top of the topic with voice/post counts and a form to reply. The entire content of the topic is missing.

    I’ve been following the discussions here and I have none of the plug-ins that appear to be creating the conflicts. I’m not using s2member, SearchExclude, or Ravanassi plug-ins.

    I am using the following plug-ins:

    I’m running a premium theme (with expired memebrship -so no updates and no word from the original author whether the update would even cure the problem as the themes do not support bbpress) – however I can get in there and dig around the code, if needed.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    So far- I’ve rolled back to WP 3.9.2 – but, obviously this is not a viable long-term solution.

    Any ideas?



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  • pazzaglia


    OK, cannot go back to edit my topic – basically I turned off all of the plug-ins and still could not see the content of the topics. But I put on WP’s default 2014 theme and I COULD see the topics.

    So— I suspect it’s my old-a** bbpress non-supported theme. For those of you who found fixes for your themes, can you tell me what you changed and what file you changed it in? I know all themes will differ but it will give me some place to start to do the fix myself.

    Thank you!!!




    My fix was to have all forums without a parent. I can still display my forums using a customized menu as a parent-child relationship. Now all my forums and topics are displayed as before.

    Robin W


    ok, we have two issues with wp 4.0

    ISSUE 1

    The first gives 404 errors with sub forums for users with default permalinks. This is due to a bug in wp4.0, and netweb is on the case to get this fixed in 4.0.1

    I’m working on patch for bbpress, but otherwise in the meantime there are 3 workarounds

    1. Change your permalinks to any of the other settings


    The most often used is ‘postname’

    This will not only fix your issue, but make your links look prettier. However if you have links to your site forums from other sites/emails, these links might break (ie they will come up as 404 errors), but if your choice is between users not accessing, or users complaining that the link in that old email no longer works, then resetting might seem a good idea.

    2. revert to 3.9.2


    for quite a good video on how to do it

    3. Move your sub-forums up a level ie make them all main forums

    and keep monitoring this site for a solution.


    The second hides topics and/or replies with some themes and other plugins. This is due to a change in wp4.0 on how it handles searches.

    For the second, the patch in this plugin may help.

    bbpress wp4 fix

    If it does, please come back and say

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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