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Sticky posts to top of list?

  • Greets –

    Is there a plugin or tweak that will display the ‘sticky’ topics at the top of the Topics list, rather than the bottom? I checked over the bbPress and Showcase sites and didn’t see anything.



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  • zaerl


    Sticky topics are at the top of the topics list.

    Z – This is actually getting interesting. Check this out:

    1. I download a fresh bbPress, upload it to the site (after renaming my original folder), and the sticky topics are still at the bottom. I’ve deactivated every plugin and am using the default theme.

    2. I dig up a list of bbPress forums, check out about six of them, and — sure enough — their sticky posts are at the top.

    3. I make a third sticky post on my site and it’s at the top, as a new post should be. I make a regular post and it’s above the new sticky post. Ditto another regular post. So, while it won’t roll them off the back end, it’s still preferring ‘date’ to everything else.

    Every day a new thrill, eh?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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