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step 1 databse config – help please

  • Maybe it’s me, but I have no clue what I’m supposed to put for my database title in the very first step – as in what is hte database file usually called by default and where would I find it?

    I’m running wordpress 1.9.

    I’ve installed the bbpress folder renamed as “forums” in my root because if I put it under /blog/forums I get a 404 and the rss list of posts from wp

    I have the database host set as the default “localhost” per suggestion

    I assume ‘databse user’ and ‘database password’ are not pre-existing UN & PW but the same ones used to access the admin of WP, but if they are a way of setting new UN and PW then I’d be using the same for both BB and WP.

    I’m using Yahoo as my web host

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  • You know what…. I figured that out… I can look up all of that specific info in the WP-config file…

    It tells you the name of the DB, the user and the password for it and all of the other info (like what to change ‘localhost’ to)

    I changed the database name, UN, PW, and ‘localhost’ to what the config file lists.

    Except now I get “oh, it’s already installed’

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