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Statistics in the sidebar

  • Hello boys and excused for my bad English. I want to insert in sidebar of mine blog made in wordpress the total number of the topic of the forum bbpress that they find themselves in the rows statistics.php. How I must make?

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  • It would require a quick plugin. There is already a plugin to have the recent discussions in bbPress in wordpress, but it would be just another simple plugin using the calls made in statistics.php into a wordpress plugin.


    Well if you really want it. I have some time to kill so i think, i will try to do this. Before i start i need to know some detail.

    Your wordpress using custom db prefix?

    Your bbpress using custom db prefix?

    Do you need stats like “Registered Users count” and “Post count”? Or you just want “Most Popular Topics”?

    Hi Atsutane. Thanks for your aid here my details:

    – WP db prefix=> wp_

    – bbpress db prefix=> bb_

    I would want to only visualize the number of the comments.


    would be great to have a statistics like phpbb number of users, posts, dicussions, newest member, etc

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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