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Started topics and cretated replies info private group forums

  • webmasterfreya



    Members of private groups are missing in their overviews the started topics and created replies from private forum(s) .

    e.g Group member erwintest (member of 1 group) added some topics and replies in the private forum that should (at least i expect that) pop up via this link
    /members/erwintest/forums/ and /members/erwintest/forums/replies/ but they don’t.

    However if i logon as administrator and use the same links, the started topics and created replies placed in the private forum of user erwintest do popup.

    Is this expected behaviour or not?

    With Non private forums there is no problem.

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  • Robin W


    If you are talking about the plugin ‘bbp private groups’, then is the user has permission to see a topic (ie is a member of that group) then I would expect then to see it.

    If you still have an issue, please re-log in and I’ll pick it up there



    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I do not have this plugin bbp private groups.

    In the mean time I found out that the same applies to the overwiew of topic subscriptions. shows only the topic subscriptions from the Non private fora.

    Logged in as administrator all topic subcriptions for the user are visible ( including the topic subscriptions within private fora).

    Initialy I thought it should be a problem somewhere in Buddypress (because there one can create private groups and forum) but they pointed me to bbPress.



    Additional information :

    The same applies for (private forum topic)favorites and private forum topic subscriptions (not visible in overview),
    (via menu or direct link) /members/erwintest/forums/subscriptions/
    (via menu or direct link) /members/erwintest/forums/favorites/

    however not for private forum subscriptions (visible in overview).
    /members/erwintest/forums/subscriptions/ (NB link exists)

    Via Administrator, select member erwintest:
    (via menu or direct link) /members/erwintest/forums/favorites/ returns ALL favorites of user erwintest
    (not in menu) /members/erwintest/forums/subscriptions/ returns now error 404 (duh?)

    Getting more confused every day 🙂

    to recapitulate :

    Members of groups with private forum can not see their own stuff on topic level concerning private forum(s)
    Link to subscriptions overwiew can only be acessed by the user , not by higher level like administrator

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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