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Standalone [theme] -> Plugin [theme]?

  • Hi folks,

    Always one to make things twice as hard as they need be, I started out designing a theme for the standalone product and I’d now like to change gears and port it to the plugin version.

    Essentially, I didn’t think I’d use WordPress for my main site… but I’ve since come to change my mind. Now, I’ve got a nice custom theme for both my WordPress installation and a nice theme for my bbPress installation.

    At this point, I can’t decide if I’d be best to keep them separated and use the integration options or to sit and re-theme everything with the plugin version. If I were to continue to use the standalone, is it possible to create widgets similar to the “recent topics” and others created by the plugin version? And subsequently, is there a way to use shortcodes for embedding bbPress into WordPress pages? heh

    Sorry for the novel…

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  • John James Jacoby


    There are existing plugins in place to help connect the two separate installations together if you want to use bbPress 1.x. Overall, you will probably have much better luck and a better experience using bbPress 2.0.

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