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[Standalone] Pick a Section + Pick a Tag

  • Pomy



    I’m working on a bbPress Standalone version, Is is possible to restrict to choose some predefined tags during creating a topic?

    Lets suppose, I’ve created 100 specific tags for my forums. I don’t want to allow users to add more tags. That’s why I want to add these tags list into template’s “post-form.php” so that user can choose predefined list of my tags then they can choose forums and after that they can add topic.

    Like I’m looking the following fields:


    Topic title: <input default field>

    Post Field: <Input default field>

    Pick a section: < drop-down default forums field >

    Pick a Tag:<drop-down/checkbox my predefined tags>

    Then Submit


    I digg into bbPress, and I found the following solution:

    It is working fine on Topic page. But I need exact thing but on post form.

    Can anyone help me to achieve this?

    I will be great thankful!

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