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[Standalone] Need pagination for forums using zaerl Visibility

  • Hi zaerl, hope you’ll be fine, doing good and still helping people here…

    I’m using zaerl Visibility for private discussion. And I’m using one forum for per user. In other words, Whenever a user register, I create a forum for him….

    So when a user enter in forums he can view latest discussion and his private forum in front page something like

    Latest Discussion

    1 – Lasted Topic one —

    2 – Lasted Topic two —

    3 – Lasted Topic three —

    4 – Lasted Topic four —

    25 – Lasted Topic 25 —

    Main Theme

    1 – Private Forum Name & Descirption —

    So, Its a user view, but for Admin, I can see all forums


    Main Theme

    1 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 1 —

    2 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 2–

    3 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 3–

    4 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 4–

    100 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 100–

    So, for my view I can see a longest front page….. That’s why I want a pagination for forums, exactly like topics pagination…. Is it possible?

    Something like

    Main Theme

    1 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 1 —

    2 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 2–

    3 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 3–

    10 – Private Forum Name & Descirption for user 10–

    Next 10 forums || Previous 10 forums

    Also please see this screenshot for better understand what I’m taking about.

    Thank you so much,

    Kind Regards


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  • zaerl


    Hi softinfo. What you’re trying to achieve can be very challenging cause bbPress developers haven’t included such feature in the software. On index.php topics are obtained with get_latest_topics, forums with bb_get_forums.

    The current page (for topics) is collected from a $_GET variable called page which have its own rule in the .htaccess which in turn is parsed by bb_get_uri_page ( called from BB_Query::fill_query_vars (yargh).

    Now you must do the same thing with forums but in order to do this you must change too many core files and we don’t want our soul damned for eternity.

    I don’t have much time at the moment but I can give you some hints.

    You need a new page variable that should be different from the default (which is used for posts’ page) together with its own .htaccess rule: RewriteRule ^forum-page/([0-9]+)/?$ /forum/index.php?forum-page=$1 [L,QSA]

    You should create a new fake paginate function bb_latest_topics_pages for forums bb_latest_forums_pages, a fake get_page_number_links with /forum-page/%#% instead of /page/%#% and other things here and there.

    And last but not least you need a custom query (with a LIMIT) on the $bbdb forum query.

    As I said it can be very challenging and there’s room for a very interesting plugin but I don’t write plugins anymore because of the current fragile status of bbPress standalone.

    If you will try to write a plugin I will be happy to debug and/or code (a portion of) it.


    zaerl you didn’t say anything for my sad mood..?

    OK, your solution is really difficult for me… Can you make it more easy? I cannot write a plugin, that’s why I’m here to looking for your kind help… can you do it for me? I’ll really appreciate.

    I’m also frustrated from bbPress as Plugin like other senior bbPress developers. But I hope there will always remain a good space for bbpress standalone lovers. Matt cannot ignore it. I hope :)

    — OK, let me ask above question with another angle…

    Is it possible to make pagination just for forums on a custom page? if it is difficult to show on front page? something like ? – just an idea?

    And I just thought that I’ll also need pagination for forums in admin setting and for zearl visiblity setting near future when I’ll have thousands of forums. (user/forum)

    Please see the following screenshots, to understand what I’m taking about..

    — For Forums Pagination in Admin Setting — Screenshot

    — For Forum Pagination in Zaerl Visibility setting — Screenshot

    I know its a little big job for you. But can you do it for me? It’s really important, I’ll really appreciate your kindness if you will make a plugin or easy script for this solution.

    — and I also know your time is really precious, And time is money… can you give me your personal contact email? So that we can discuss about it further?

    I hope I’ll try to mange your time. Thanks Again.

    Hi zaerl, are you still on board?

    I’m waiting to hear something from you, thanks.



    Contact me za-AT-zaerl-DOT-com

    Email Sent..!!

    Subject: Pagination for Forums

    Hi zaerl, did you get my email?

    No response yet…??

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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