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Sporadic bb_meta corruption

  • Well it’s about time for me to approach this problem in one way or the other.

    My live forum used to be on bbPress 1.0.2 and I confess to running a bucketload of Plugins, some deemed to be compatible, others probably not so much (up to Legacy release) but they still do their thing.

    So right now I’m pretty happy with what I have and the functionality it gives me and my users, alas from time to time the forum will suddenly die leaving a blank screen. I have traced this behaviour back to a corrupt bb_meta file, meaning that when it happens and I replace this database register with a backup all is well again with no posts lost.

    Now my hope was that I might fix it by upgrading to the soon-to-be-released Version of bbPress, which means the trunk for now. Unfortunately the problem persists and I have lost hope somewhat that it will be any different with the final release. So that leaves me with the task to sort out the buggy Plugin that supposedly causes the mess.

    Since skipping through my Plugins revealed that they’re all more or less neccessary for how we use the board nowadays, disabling them one by one and waiting up to a month or longer to see if the sporadic corruption will persist is hardly an option.

    So I ask, is there any chance to trace/protocol such changes to bb_meta that might give a hint to the culprit?

    Any suggestions are more than welcome.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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