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Special forum access

  • ChrisGVE


    I’ve looked in forums, google, documentation but I couldn’t find how to achieve that or at least the starting point to customize the code.

    I would like to give a forum/category of forums a special access right where the Participants can only see their own post and nothing else and moderator can see everything.

    I do not wish to create a special user role because the other forums of the site are normal, i.e. a participant can create topic, see and respond to any other topic.

    Is that doable? anyone could help getting in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: Apologies for double posting I realized that the initial forum was not adequate.

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  • It is possible, but would require some custom code, it’s doable, but more coding than just a couple of snippets here to help you out.

    An alternative way to what you’ve asked though is kind of shipping with bbPress 2.6. We’ve added support for “per forum moderators”, so you could create a “private” forum and give a single user moderator access to that forum, likewise another forum for another user, and then your site moderators could be moderators of all those “user forums”. This would be dependant upon how many users you have as this would be a manual setup.



    Thanks Stephen,
    That’s something to explore, though I’m not sure whether we can implement it that way because we have a few (5) different forums which we’d like to implement that way, thus it would lead us to potentially create 5 x nb users “user forums” which will be difficult to manage.

    I was kinda hoping we could build a custom forum capability a little bit the way we can create a custom role.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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