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Spam Registrations

  • chrisgoat


    Not sure if this has been brought up before but I am getting a huge amount of .ru and .gmail registrations,these are not being activated but are loading up my database.

    Not allot of them, on average 20 to 30 every 5 or 6 days.

    I have Akismet and Human Test for bbPress enabled, It is really not a big deal just annoying having to go in and delete them.

    Anyone have any ideal how I can fight this.



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  • Olaf Lederer



    I have the same problem 50 registrations a day :(

    I removed the URL field from the registration form (and other pages) and hope that this will help.



    Two things:

    * Have you upgraded to the latest version of Human Test? It has new protections over earlier versions.

    * There’s an alpha version of a plugin that identifies spammers who have never posted, and lets you delete them.

    Good luck!



    Definitely make sure you are using the newest Human Test.

    If you are, and they are bypassing it, I need to know so I can break out the next level of protection.

    I have not tried this plugin but it might help somewhat:

    New Stop Forum Spam API Plugin; Block Fake User Registrations

    Last but not least, if you have wordpress integrated they might be sneaking though there even if you have the links to it’s registration page disabled, it still leaves the api open (you’d have to physically rename/remove wp-login.php)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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