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spam prevention

  • hummvee


    bbpress is the best thing, thanks for the open source, free, forums. bbpress underwent complete revamping, have the spam content and users been addressed?
    does akismet help?
    another thing does bbpress build indexes? so that a scan could be run and entries could be somehow be flagged!
    love bbpress, looking forward to some fix for this problem, thanks JJJ, BG and others!

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  • Shane Gowland


    Akismet does work fairly well. It has a 94% success rate on my website.



    i was talking about spam in forums, akismet is a good filter, better than any out there, registration should have recaptcha (google) and post must be filtered using akismet, the spam topics overpower the content that is actually intended for the forums, these spam topics are even indexed by google,
    as for akismet it’s the best spam prevention tool out there, but the only problem i am facing is that although akismet has seperated or accumulated the spam comments in usual wordpress blog, they aren’t quarantined for google has access to the spam comments held by akismet, something should be added so that the spam even though held for moderation doesn’t downgrade the quality content!



    Not sure what you mean, spam comments are hidden by Akismet on my bbpress 2 forum. I use another plugin to prevent spam registrations, it looks up to black lists on StopForumSpam and HoneyPot.



    Unfortunately, Akisment on BBPress is a BIG failure. Yes it captures spam but very limited. I have been struggling from this issue as I have to manually delete the clean the stuff. I am now migrating away from bbpress to some paid solution, if you’re thinking of some serious forum solution, i am afraid bbpress is a bad choice, even though its wordpress’s own child.



    godverdomme, die anti-spam werkt goed!!
    proficiat, doe zo verder…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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