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Something wrong with my norwegian language files?

  • michaelw90


    does anyone know what to name the bbPress language files?

    I’ve already gotten Buddypress translated, but I can’t seem to get bbPress translated. I want my forum to be in Norwegian, like the rest of my site…

    So, what I’ve done:

    I downloaded the language files from glotpress. I then put the language files in wp-content/languages/bbPress/ and named them “bbpress-2.2.nb_NO.po” and “”.

    What am I doing wrong, is the nb_NO part wrong?

    Im using:

    Buddypress Version 1.7.2
    bbPress Version 2.3.2
    and I’m using the theme Engage

    Thanks for any help on this 🙂



    I did the same thing for Buddypress before, and it worked.. I just realized though, that the buddypress translation does not work without the plugin Buddypress Translations. I might be wrong, but it doesn’t feel right that it doesn’t work without that plugin..?

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  • michaelw90


    Ok, so here’s the solution. For all of you who wants to translate bbPress, do not get hosting from I sent a support ticket to them and here’s what they answered:

    “I am sorry, but POT-files is not supported on our servers.”

    So there you go, and I’m screwed I guess..

    Does anyone of you know any good hostingalternatives to who supports POT-files?


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