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Something is overruling style.css and I don't know what it is…

  • morgan-wick


    I’m trying to install a new bbPress forum at The “wrapper” div is set in style.css (the only file I’ve changed) to have position:static. It appears to be absolutely positioned, and I don’t see anything in either style.css or in the code that appears when I “view source” that would overrule style.css (the only places in style.css where anything is absolutely positioned either have “display” set to “none” or don’t appear on all pages) unless I have to go hunting through JavaScript. Having to deal with absolutely positioned elements is a pain for an amateur developer like me, and I’d much rather have elements appear as part of the normal flow, like I can do in WordPress; what’s the problem here?

    UPDATE: I just removed the background image from “wrapper” and added it to “header”, but it doesn’t show up at all. I’m trying to make it look as much like as possible.

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