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Some links do not work

  • Hello,

    I just installed BBPress but some links appear to be broken. I tried to make new posts in order to test the forum but they would not show up either

    My forum is located here:

    Does anyone knw where this could be coming from?

    thank you very much

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  • Maybe I should add that I set the pretty links and my htaccess file only contains: Options +MultiViews

    Okay, so turn off pretty links and take that out from your .htaccess file so we can find out if that’s the problem. :)

    OK I’ll try thanks you

    I set the value to false in the config file but the problem persist as you can see…

    You have some kind of ‘red bar’ above the forums. Were you playing around with the theme? If it is just a basic install, I would make sure you upload the files again to make sure they are all there and just use the basic theme without any changes until you get it working.


    I’m surprised you have the page parameter at the end of URLs linking to topics, I never had that.

    OK so i’m gonna try to reinstall everything without touching the theme itself

    OK well I did a new install.

    The link do work now but the other problem is that the last posts I made do not show up in the Latest Discussions section. There is a new tag ‘trying’ which does display along with the tag ‘BBPress’ but when clicking on it does not seems to find any posts.

    Oh and BTW, in the Dashboard, when going to Topics or Posts, nothing is listed there. I am correctly listed as a Moderator and I am not in the Bozos list

    On a sidenote I had to set all files to 755 because I got a permission error (this is related to my hosting though I’m not sure it might have sth to do)

    OK the problem mentionned i my last reply persists.

    – My last messages do not show up anywhere

    – the new tag does not work and goes to a page inviting to write a post(?)

    – In the dashboard, nothing is listed under post or topics

    I tried to set the pretty URL as true or false, it does not solve the problem

    I cannot find a similar problem in those forum, am I the only one with this case?

    Thank you



    In the admin panel, the only thing that will show for posts or topics are deleted ones. Posts and topics do not show there until they are deleted. If you want to see the posts or topics, I think the intention is that you would see them in the forum, and as admin, you can edit or delete them there.

    I tried registering on the forum but I did not receive my confirmation email.

    Nope: 10 minutes later, no email confirmation. Sorry, I can’t log in without that.

    Well apparently this is another problem. I tried myself but it does not work either. From the admin I do see you listed under “member” but I cannot edit your password…

    Also in every member profile, it says bozo:”1″ I tried to remove this or to replace it with “0” but it automatically overwrite to “1” and I have no idea if this is important or not.

    I can as well send you you the ID and password I log in with via email so that some can have a look

    guillaume /dot/ belfiore /at/ gmail /dot/ com



    Maybe your server does not support sending mail. I think there have been people who have chosen to display the password rather than emailing it when their server cannot send email:

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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