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Some hint needed!

  • nvsemin



    I just set up a basic forum:

    I would like to ask you gimme some tips on where can I look for solutions to my problems.
    I do not mind you writing the solution here, but caring of your time, this is not really expected. Just links would do just fine:

    My problems:
    Basically I want my forum look more like this one: (this gues use phpBB though).

    I want
    1. all forums (main and single) pages be without a sidebar
    2. I want to change the skin somehow, please suggest where can I get some neat custom css I guess
    3. I want all sub-forums listed line by line, not like now when they clustered in a line separated by commas
    4. Maybe some extra plugins suggstions

    I use WP Mantra theme just in case

    Thanks in advance!

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