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so many secrets?



    (database) secret

    whats the difference? what needs to match what for wp integration?

    can we have some or one without the other? i’m confused.

    WP 2.6 -> BBP 1alpha

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  • necessary for WP 2.6 -> BBP 1alpha:

    WordPress “auth” cookie key

    WordPress “secure auth” cookie key

    WordPress “logged in” cookie key

    thanks for making the effort, but thats not what i asked.



    The cookies in bbPress 1.0 and WordPress 2.6 are based on recommendations from a security whitepaper by a top researcher.

    Half of the key used in the cookie is kept in the database and the other half of the key is kept in the configuration file (bb-config.php / wp-config.php)

    The idea is to make it harder for an attacker to compromise the system. They may gain file access but not db access or visa versa – therefore the other half is safe.

    When I say “half” it’s not literal – but essentially the secret keys are “salted” with the secret salt. “Salting” is a much more complex operation than needs to be explained here (see wikipedia).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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