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SMF import keeps getting stuck

  • cluciftias



    I am in the process of converting Joomla!/SMF portal into WP/bbPress. WordPress I used is 4.3 and bbPress 2.5.8. I managed to convert Joomla! to WP but I keep getting into problems with SMF.

    Users from SMF get migrated without a problem. However, migrating topics is a bit of a problem. It’s a large forum with 6885 topis and over 80000 posts. Topic migration keeps getting stuck after ~6500 topics. I tried removing topics that I assumed to be the issue but it didn’t help. I removed large number of topics – it didn’t help. Converter simply gets into loop. Restarting migration doesn’t help.

    Neither PHP nor MySQL have any restrictions – it’s a server I’m administering and for this particular scenario I’ve let PHP consume all the memory it needed. It didn’t help. I’ve tried changing row limit to even 1, it’s still the same.

    Any suggestion will be most welcome. Thank you.

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