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Slow Performance with bbPress 2.0 -> MySQL Queries between 60-222

  • Hi everybody,

    I just converted my phpbb3 forum to bbPress with these details:

    topics: 1.290

    posts: 25.800

    members: 7.960

    Now the really annoying part comes up. Anaylzing the source code with firebug I discovered the reason for the slow performance: There are too much queries executed! I disabled all plugins and removed all widgets (using bp-default together with bbpress / buddyPress). Still the amount of queries executed rises from 60 to 222 executions (forum view / topic index / reply) taking up to 3 seconds to execute.

    I just went over to and annalyzed the code seeing:

    <i><!– Generated in 1.506 seconds. (184 q) –></i>

    So looks like a normal behaviour. Tried also w3totalcache and that works fine for logged-out users but once I enable w3totalcache for logged-in users then I get strange outputs.

    Does anyone have experience with a forum in the size stated above? It looks like I need to get a fully cached bbpress working to consider switching to bbpress but after spending days of work to convert and design the new website I am afraid that I will get stuck now.

    If someone here has experience then please give me a shout! I really would like to use the wp / bbpress / buddypress combo but the slow performance won’t let me use it for now.

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