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Site Wide Forums Not Showing Up

  • I have installed BuddyPress on a new WordPress site because I want to replace my current forum site with something like this one. I installed bbpress from the BuddyPress>Components page and installed the site wide forums plugin. It tells me the most current version is installed anyways. When I go to the “forums” page, I simply have an edit link to create it. I can preview a forum I created, but when I try to move up in the hierarchy to the Home>Forums page, again I am just given an edit button link. I believe the “Forums” page is supposed to automatically created from what I have read on here already. I also tried to reset my permalinks, and that didn’t make a difference. I tried resetting my theme to twentyeleven, the default buddypress theme, and a third theme. I’m guessing I’m just missing a simply step because obviously this plugin works for most everyone else.

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  • Well in case anyone else encounters this problem, I found the issue. When installing BuddyPress, DO NOT enable discussion forums. Install it normally otherwise. Even disabling that feature after installing it with that option will prevent your site wide forums from working.

    Did you have to do a fresh install?

    Click edit and add this: [bbp-forum-index]. See if it works. Having site wide forums enabled or disabled in buddypress should not make a difference.


    Thanks for posting the shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. I was wondering how come my forums never did show up on the forums page created.

    Yes, I did a fresh install to fix it. After creating a category or forum, I could not see it by even by clicking “preview”. I could only get to them by doing a fresh install.

    I ended up having to do the same. I made two forums just now. 1 for Announcements and the other just a test forum. The test forum works, and the topics in the announcements work, bu the announcements forum doesn’t. sigh…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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