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site admin cannot manage bbpress options/forums/topics

  • Hi,

    A weird thing is happening on the main site of my WordPress Multisite installation where bbPress is used for the support pages.

    The forum plugin was activated with the main Super User account (with ID #1) on the main site. Forums where created without problems and the user got Key Master role.

    But since then, that super user has been replaced by another account promoted to Super User. The account with ID #1 has been ‘demoted’ to site admin on the primary site where it is now used only for publication of pages and posts. That account visibly still has Key Master role for the forums but…

    When logged in with that account, none of the forum admin pages are accessible.

    What is going wrong? How can I use a normal site admin to manage forums and topics. I’d like to prevent usage of the Super User account for public type actions like posting and the like…

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