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Sink Posts Feature/Plugin?

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  • No, it currently does not, its an interesting idea though, along with its counterpart to “bump` a topic without adding a reply, I’d love to see a plugin that offers one or both of these functions, we could then look to adding the plugin to bbPress #core via the “featured plugin” process similar to WprdPress #core

    There is no such feature currently.
    So it would be a moderator action, indicating that from now on all future replies to the topic should e.g. have the date of the current last reply ?



    @netweb – Great point, bump would make sense as a paired featured.

    – Exactly right. Here is the most direct explanation of the feature from the article I posted above.

    …force the discussion to sink down the list naturally by changing that particular discussion to no longer update it’s “Date of Last Comment” field as new comments are added.

    So yes, the date of the current last reply would remain fixed on the last reply at the time that an admin/moderator sets the topic into sink mode. Once set to sink, it would also be ideal for an admin/moderator to be able to “unsink” the topic which would return the frozen current last reply to the true last reply.

    The bumping feature may have a complex relationship in some cases as you would most likely want to disable the action on sunken and closed topics.

    I would be happy to contribute a plugin if I had the skills. I’m still fairly new to coding anything that works directly with the backend. It’s great to know that the feature isn’t there yet though, I appreciate the confirmation and interest in the idea. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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