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Single log-in WP, bbPress and Gallery2?

  • I am looking at WP and bbPress as a way of extending my G2 install functionality.

    I know I can link G2 log-in to WP login, and I know that WP and bbPress can be linked – but will they all play nicely together?

    Also, in gallery2 I use permalinks which enable my users to have a short URL a bit like MySpace. Will this still work in an ’embedded’ situation?



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  • bbPress and WP are easily integrated so that bbPress uses the wp_users table in the database, so what you are trying to accomplish is very easy to do. As for embedding gallery into WP, from personal experience it works fine and permalinks are configurable. I would check for more data on that though, but integrating the 3 should be pretty easy and straight forward! Integration is covered in the “FAQ” link of this forum!


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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