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  • Andrew Leonard


    I can create a page with a single forum using the shortcode [bbp-single-forum id=19743] but I also want it this particular forum not to be seen in the main forum index where I use the shortcode [bbp-forum-index]
    Is this possible?
    Is there another way of achieving the same effect?

    I have:
    Wordpress version 4.9.5
    BBPress Version 1.4.1
    main Forum page
    specific forum page

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  • Robin W


    you can create an index with particular forums using a shortcode in my style pack

    [bsp-display-forum-index forum= ‘2932,2921’ title=’main forums’] Displays the selected forum indexes

    bbp style pack



    HI all……so @Robin-w can you help me do this with that plugin somehow?

    I only want one topic per forum. Just one.

    And that single-topic forum? It will be attached to a hidden group.

    So I’m looking for….a way to bypass the screen that lists “topics” in a forum; there will only be ONE topic PER forum, so having that screen there is unnecessary and confusing to my forum participants. And creates “click fatigue.” They should be able to get to the group front page, click “Forum”…then be brought to the discussion on the only topic that that forum will ever be tied to.

    And each group’s topic will be different. But ONLY one topic per forum, per hidden group.

    Note: I’ll eventually be creating hundreds of individual hidden groups….so I do not want to have to go in and hand code the direct link to the single forum topic for each of these groups, just to bypass a page, each time….

    Soooo……I want the flow to be:
    – [click on ‘My Groups’ which is right next to ‘All Groups’ — it’s at that page]
    – [I then see a group link, in list of groups….so I click on a desired group]
    – [get to that group’s front page]
    – [click on ‘Forum’ option there]
    – [***NOW I should see no other things to choose from — there are no other topics that will be in this forum, so I should not be brought to a page with a list of topics to choose from; instead, I am immediately brought to a discussion, which is a discussion that is covering the only topic that that group is ever going to discuss]

    HOW do I achieve this….???

    I was looking for a widget that was a “discussion” widget that I could use to customize the group front page, but never found one.

    And the “activity stream” is littered with an RSS feed and a search bar, and it doesn’t allow for uploading pictures (WHICH IS CRITICAL)….forums allow to upload pictures. So I’d just use the Activity Stream if it was feasible, which it appears to not be. But hell — if that was easier to modify than skipping a forum ‘topic list’ page….let me know that too, please.

    Thanks in advance for all your assistance; I am desperate to finally solve this, lol….! 😀



    P.S.: I’m using bbPress with BuddyPress. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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