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SimplePress migration

  • Dave


    Having a frustrating time moving from SP. This is what I did and what happened:

    Deactivated SP v5.4
    Installed bbPress
    Ran Tools > Forums > Import Forums
    Fill in all DB info
    Checked Convert Users

    Before, there were about 300 users
    3 hours later bbPress was still converting. Something.
    I clicked back to the WP Dashboard, waited a moment, went back to Tools > Forums > Import Forums and it appeared done – there was no indication of activity.

    Went to Dashboard > Forums > All Forums
    All I see are 2 forums, look like bbPress default topics.

    Went to Dashboard > Users

    Holy! Went from 300 users to 15,871!

    So basically, all the import did was an epic bloat of users and absolutely nothing else.

    Any idea what I did wrong?

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  • bazaarocommunity


    I’m in the process of importing from XenForo as we speak and have an open ticket regarding a similar timeout. I’m working on migrating about 290k topics and 2.5M posts. The conversion process seems to breeze through users and topics/threads, but has a really tough time with replies/posts. I was able to convert all users and topics using the 100 row limit and a 1 second delay, but I found that in order to proceed with reply imports and not time out or over-tax my database server, I had to step the row limit down to 10 rows with a 1 second delay. I’ve got a 8 GB database server, and it is using about 6 GB of ram right now, so it is working very hard to keep up. I suggest you try lowering your row limit until you start seeing progress again.

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