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Simple Machines Forum Import – Stuck

  • Brevi



    I would like to try bbPress forum because of it’s WordPress integration and the advantages that would come with that.

    I currently have a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) with the following statistics:

    Total Members: 98
    Total Posts: 9924
    Total Topics: 1519
    Total Categories: 4
    Total Boards: 34

    Version of SMF: 2.0.11 (Current)
    Version of WordPress: 4.3.1 (Current)
    Version of bbPress: 2.5.8 (Current)

    I’ve read the guide of importing forums here:

    Based on that I’m fairly certain I followed the steps right. I have the server (localhost), the database, the prefix and user added in the import tool. The processing gets stuck at the following point (tried several times):

    Converting topics (57 – 57)

    I did try with ‘Row Limit’ 1 and also tried ‘Delay Time’ between 1-30, but that did not make a difference. I tried to Stop / Start it a few times… nothing.

    I’m not an expert with MySQL databases, so I don’t think I can manually edit the row which is causing the problem.

    Can anyone help with this please?

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