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Simple image upload for inserting pics in topics

  • Seeking a simple solution that allows logged in users to upload and include images in their posts.

    All I’ve come up with is the Allow Images plugin, which adds a button to the editing form that helps paste an IMG tag so you can link to an external image.

    I was told in another thread that it’s far from trivial to create a file attachments plugin for bbPress: “A major problem right now is lack of per-post metadata. Even if that were present, this would not be a trivial task.” I’m not sure of the terminology here, but if “attachment” means embedding an image in a post, that’s what I want to do.

    ImageShack was suggested, a web service that lets people upload images which they serve for free. You can embed their upload form in your site, upload, then grab the preformatted image URL and paste it into your bbPress post. This kinda works, but it’s distracting because you get an ImageShack mini-ad, and have to go to their site to copy the link (cool service, though)…

    I thought of trying a simple uploader script that would upload files completely outside of bbPress and present the URL for cutting and pasting into the post. Kinda like the ImageShack procedure minus…ImageShack. Dunno, this is probably beyond me, though I may try with a canned script…

    I’m using 2.3.1 integrated with 0.8.3 via bbSync and WordPress integration. It works great!

    Any ideas?

    (I noticed that Allow Images is the #1 most downloaded plugin, 7x more popular than #2, WordPress Integration, so I imagine the MASSES are craving simple image upload… :)


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  • About time I chime in here. There is a plugin by Louisdale called Avatar Upload that allows users to upload their own avatar and save it on the server. I have been meaning to pick that plugin apart as to use the “uploading” code in another plugin.

    I am sure that if you understand a bit of code you can pick out that portion of the plugin and use it with the current “allow images” plugin. I might have time later to look at it, but if someone wants a place to start, that might be it!


    Cool. Despite its name, I thought I’d read that Avatar Upload didn’t actually, uh, upload. But that makes sense. I’ll check it out and post back! Thanks!!

    > Any ideas?

    The Imageshack API

    I am pretty sure it does upload as I mentioned it on one of the first threads on that plugin and the author mentioned it did, but I haven’t even looked at it to find out…….so……I don’t for sure!


    Avatar Upload does upload, I installed it a couple of days later, but it didn’t work right off (can’t remember what was going on) and I haven’t had time to sort that out. So that’s where this is stalled for now…!

    There is also a plugin called “user photo for bbpress” that uploads an image. It also does some resizing, etc.

    I have it working on my site, and I am looking into hacking it for use on posts/topics.

    What is your site?

    Attachments works fine for me. I am using the _ck_ plugin for that. Visit my forums to see it work.


    I also have the other plugin that lets you insert the URL of where the image is stored.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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