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Simple classifieds forum

  • Volkshole


    Installled this on my WordPress site

    Is it just me or is incredibly complicated?

    I want to make a simple classified forum on. My site

    I made header. Classifieds.. Then wanted sub forum cars. But the topic is on its own and not even under the classifieds forum I created.. I am doing this on my iPad. Maybe that is my problem?

    I want the forum to be called classifieds.. Then a section or cars. Then section for parts. Within each topic header I want to list cars for sale and in parts list parts separately.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Shane Gowland


    bbPress does exactly what you’re describing.

    It works best if you make each of your classifieds categories as top-level forums.



    ok i see that i had the classifieds labeled as a topic instead of category or vise versa – so i figured out how to post a header category.

    now i am stumped how to let people register to post on the forums.. i moved the bpp widget over to the right – but it ask for a URL for lost / forgotten password – is it because i am logged on as an admin that it wont let me see a menu to register / log on – maybe i will hop on another computer to see if that will help.




    You need to configure it at PC first, so what ever comes on the classic view it will be perfectly and showing well in mobile version like in iPad, but if you create this on iPad that might something will be missing when you views in desktop form, because iPad platform only have limited methodology.

    Chase V. Hansford
    “a custom ipad case designer”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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