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Sidebar not showing on forum page

  • scoleriptideio


    Wordpress version: Version 5.4.1
    bbPress version: Version 2.6.4

    Recently installed bbPress to create forum page. Want to have a sidebar on the forum page for registration/login. Do not have any other sidebars on our website – want the sidebar just on forum page. Installed bbPress WP Tweaks Version 1.4.4 and bbPress sidebar appears on Widgets edit page and I can drag widgets to display there, but it does not show up on the forum page. I’ve been searching forums far and wide for a solution to this and it seems it might be a theme issue but not too sure how to fix that…

    Our parent theme is Salient and we have a custom child theme (we originally had a marketing firm create our WordPress site so I’m not too familiar with the themes or how to edit them…)

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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  • Robin W




    Thank you for the reply. I followed along with this article to set the forum up but I did get lost on step 8, ss I am not familiar with themes and templates in WordPress. Where do I go in WordPress to access and edit the “root theme” and “page templates in the root of the directory”

    “So once you know which page template file you need, copy this and rename the copy to bbpress.php
    Place this file in the root of your theme ie wp-content/themes/%mytheme%/bbpress.php where %mytheme% is your theme‚Äôs name.”

    I need a more dumbed down step by step walk though of this ^, ie where to go exactly in WordPress.


    Robin W


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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