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Sidebar not appearing

  • dutchpuzzle


    WordPress 3.8.3 running Headway theme 2.0.15
    bbPress Version 2.5.4


    I tried following your instructions: “In dashboard>pages, go to add new page. Call this ‘Forums’ or whatever you want your menu item to be. Then in the content section, you may want to have some introductory words “welcome to the forum” etc. then add the following bbpress short code [bbp-forum-index]
    Save this page.”……. but it didn’t make any difference, so I deleted the page.

    I can’t work out what template my current pages with sidebar are called.
    I therefore can’t work out how to add the sidebar to the page.
    Can you advise?

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  • Robin W


    The problem is that there are so many themes out there, all of which do ‘clever’ things with layout that it is impossible to give a set of instructions.

    However you are using a paid theme with support, so you need to refer to them.

    You question should look like

    I’ve just installed bbpress forum software, and I want to use this in a page with a sidebar. To do this I need to copy and rename a theme page template that has a sidebar – basically I need to rename it bbpress.php and put it in my themes folder.

    Can you either let me know which template file in your theme has a sidebar, or where within an existing template (having copied and renamed it) I would put something like

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

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