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Sidebar menu problem with bbpress

  • elitetester


    I have been building a site but have encountered a problem…

    I have created several forums. I use the shortcode to embed the required forum into the required page.
    For page1 I have included shortcode for forum1. To the left I have sidebarmenu1.
    For page2 I have included shortcode for forum2. To the left I have sidebarmenu2.
    For page3 I have included shortcode for forum3. To the left I have sidebarmenu3.

    The forums, pages and menus display fine UNTIL I post a topic. And I think the reason is because the url name is generic (/forums/topic…).
    The question is – How do I keep sidebarmenu3 visible when posting a topic within page3/forum3? (so sidebarmenu1 and 2 is hidden) etc?

    Or am I using bbpress in completely the wrong way?

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  • elitetester


    Is it possible to give forum1 the url /forum1/ and then forum2 the url /forum2/ which is also used after posting new topic or replying to topic?

    Or perhaps separate installations of bbpress with different plugin names similar to above?



    Or maybe this can be solved with custom slugs or something?



    I wonder if this might be the solution for me. I will try to check this out later to see if it resolves the problem.

    Navigation: topic or reply belongs to which forum?



    Could try this:

    add to template: <?php bbp_forum_id(); ?>
    This way you’ll see the ID-number of a forum when you display it.
    Say, forum 1 has number xxx, 2 yyy, 3 zzz.
    Remove the line above from your template.

    Add this to the sidebar:
    $forum = bbp_get_forum_id();
    if ($forum == xxx) {
    echo ‘code forum 1’;
    } else if ($forum == yyy) {
    echo ‘code forum 2’;
    } else if ($forum == zzz) {
    echo ‘code forum 3’;

    If you want to add a shortcode, you can do it this way in php.
    echo do_shortcode(‘[shortcode]’);

    Hope this will work 🙂



    Many thanks for this, this makes sense and looks like a logical solution.

    But, I’ve realised my issue is probably bigger than I thought. It’s not just a sidebar issue but more fundamental. When viewing or posting a new topic or reply the forum ‘jumps’ out of its parent page.

    e.g –
    (Viewing forum1 which is embedded in page1 using shortcode)
    When I post a new topic my url changes to:
    and so I have ‘jumped-out’ of my original location. This is not what I want to happen. I want the user to stay within the current location. And so, sidebar1 should also stay there without any hacks/workarounds, and sidebar2 should also stay in place for page2 which contains forum2 etc.

    So going forward:
    ==> Any idea how to set a dynamic ‘forum-root-slug’ so that it is whatever the parent location is?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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