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Sidebar item for change profile please

  • Robin W


    This is probably a dumb question, and you’ll point me to a much easier solution!

    Also I am still very new to wordpress, so understand a little of css and php’s but not tons. I’ll use thing and thingy a lot as well, so as not to embarrass myself with the wrong technical terms.

    I am using bbpress 2.2.4 on WordPress 3.5.1 with a twentyten child theme that does a few minor mods.


    I am setting up a forum, but don’t want users to see the WordPress toolbar, as this is outside the theme.

    But I do want users to be able to change their password and details.

    I am using the bbpress login widget in the bbpress sidebar, and by clicking the avatar or their username, users can get to a theme friendly profile page that lets them do just this.

    However clicking the avatar is not instinctive, and I’d like (in the absence of a more obvious solution) to add a thingy to the bbpress sidebar that says “amend profile/change password” which when clicked takes you to the same place that clicking the avatar does (or some similar solution)

    From searching on the forums, I have found the line within the widget that does this for the avatar (around line 140) which looks like

    a href=”” class=”submit user-submit”><?php echo get_avatar( bbp_get_current_user_id(), '40' ); ?
    But have no idea how to then use this or other code to achieve the goal.

    Any good ideas, or is there a very basic solution I’ve missed.


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  • Lynq


    You could create a php widget will allows you to input code and then insert that as a separate widget to the bbPress login. Or you could code it into the top or bottom of your sidebar and add all the code you require to create the bbPress login widget and alter it slightly to have an edit profile link.

    Good luck!

    Robin W



    Thnaks for your unput. I played with several ideas, but in the end just added a libe to bbpress’s widgets.php on line 140 as follows :

    <a href="edit” >Amend Profile/Change password

    That did the trick.

    Robin W


    I have also added it in a page by creating a shortcode
    In functions.php in my child theme I added

    //edit profile
    function profileedit() {
    return ‘Amend Profile/Change password‘ ;
    add_shortcode(‘profileedit’, ‘profileedit’);

    Then in any page type [profileedit] and up comes the href with the current user correctly filed in.

    Robin W


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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