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SideBar is not on the side

  • ccolotti


    I moved the theme files into my theme folder, but for some reason the sidebar is on the bottom of the pages instead of well…..on the side. I can remove it easily enough but do I just need to move the code for it to a new place in the templates?

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  • Lynq


    Have you fixed this issue as I can’t see anything wrong?



    No it is not fixed. I was messing with a couple templates to REMOVE the sidebar completely. The single topic view still has it:

    You can see it is below the whole thing.



    You have some span tags which are your sidebar, they are outside the container HTML.

    The sidebar also does not float:right next to the content.

    Which theme are you using? The page is not getting marked up correctly is what it looks like to me.

    Good luck!



    I have this same problem with a few pages. Can you please explain what you mean by float:right?

    I know what it means – but where does it go and what is the syntax?



    I believe im having the same problem. I am using Directorypress from Premiumpress. I have the the forum set up great but it seems as though bbpress isn’t playing nice with directorypress. I Want mY sidebar there for advertising and widgets, but on my forums page, the sidebar is showing up Underneath the forum.

    What makes it worse is that bbpress is only 2/3 width, so theres a blank spot where the sidebar is supposed to be.

    Does this sound familiar? and if so, does anyboy have the solution to this problem?



    I have the exact same thing. I disabled all plugins and tried different sidebars (default, showcase, custom) all are pushed to the bottom right side of the page, below the forum window. I desperately need a solution.



    If you use the default WordPress theme twentyten, or twentyeleven, you will see that bbPress lines up perfectly with the sidebars. There is no way that bbPress can work perfectly with all themes on the market as everyone builds themes differently.

    That is up to the theme developer to get straightened out For the most part it is usually just a few css tweaks and very easy to do. So I would ask the author who built the theme. If he/she is unable/unwilling to fix it, then post a link to your site here and maybe someone will find the time to help out. There is NO WAY for anyone to help without seeing your actual site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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