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Showing HTML tags on post

  • Guys can anyone let me know how you can show html tags on the post,

    i’m trying to include a < i m g > tag on my forum to guide someone on using it but it keeps translating it to html coding. Tried CDATA and that didnt work.

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  • chrishajer


    Can you wrap it in a backtick, which on a US keyboard is on the upper left, on the same key as a tilde, next to the number 1?

    Like this:

    <img ...

    (that img tag is wrapped in backticks to make it appear)

    Emm I tried that and it still didnt work……



    Works here, obviously.

    Do you have a URL where this can be seen and tried? Maybe something is different with your server setup.

    Are you using the backtick for sure, and not the single quote?


    Here’s my forum

    Yupe I’m using the backticks …. `

    This is what I’m trying to do

    <img src="" />



    Haha weird. I can do it here but not on my forum….. where would look for the problem…..

    @chrishajer – Thanks for looking at it for me. It’s a plugin problem. I had the plugin to post image on the forum deactivating it seems to solve the problem and allow me to post the img tag , but won’t let me actually post the picture…. grrr



    Do you have the allow-images plugin? Just curious.

    I think it’s related to this (still unresolved):

    I do have allow image plugin . That was the thing that wasn’t allowing me to post <img> tags. I’ve installed the plugin that you have pointed me to . The comment-quick-tags but it returns a script error for me on my firebug (firefox addon) making me think it’s not loading properly.



    The allow images plugin just prevents you from using an img tag within backticks. The plugin still works, you just can’t show people how to format their post.

    Not sure about the quicktags plugin…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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