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Showing breadcrumb at bottom of post?

  • bsilverop


    One of my users is asking if it’s possible to show the breadcrumb at the bottom of a post so that they don’t have to scroll back up to the top to navigate the forums after posting. Is there any way to have the breadcrumb also display at the bottom? The problem I see with this is you’re not always at the bottom of the screen after posting either, so you might have to still scroll to the bottom to get to the breadcrumb. Maybe what we’re looking for is a way to re-load the page at the top after posting instead… Any suggestions on either? Thanks!

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  • Robin W


    you could try something like the following in your function file (not tested)

    add_action  ('bbp_template_after_replies_loop', 'bbp_breadcrumb' ); 
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