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Show WP Profile on bbPress

  • I’m near to completing the wp & bbpress website integration but ive hit one last snag.

    What is the best solution for the profile page?

    I’d like to show the user their activity but also allow them to view/edit their profile information.

    The problem I have is that i have extended their profile on the wp side so they can enter in more info ie phone number etc but is there a way to set up a page that can show the extended info plus the activity from the forums and also allow them to view favourite forum posts?

    have any of you done something similar?

    do you know of a plugin i can use to achieve this?

    Alternately I could set up a page to show the profile on the wp side and call it dashboard for example then use the theme my profile page to show this.

    As a user do you think that would work? So they have a dashboard with the profile info and a profile page on the forum side that shows their activity etc?

    Love to hear your thoughts

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