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Show usernames in bbPress2 (user_login instead of user_id)

  • Hi, I’m running the current versions of wordpress/buddypress with the current bbpress plugin. I’d like to return usernames instead of real names in the forum, or user_login names instead of user_id names. I’m not sure where to make the adjustments. Any advice?

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  • I ended up making the changes to buddypress. I set registration.php to display profile group 3 instead of 1, to hide the required display name option on signup, which forces it to clone username data. I then removed the ability to change names in xprofiles’ edit.php. Those 2 steps take care of all future occurances, so I then went in and changed all of my users display names to match their usernames manually, via the dashboard.

    Problem solved.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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