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  • Can I add a line in the footer that shows registered users?

    Some forums have “Users online” but I want a complete number of registered ones, linked to in the bottom of the forum. Is this hard to do?

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  • Nah not like that. No need for private messaging at all.

    Have you seen how Ipboard features users at the bottom of a forum? And some of them have “most users ever online was”. I want something like that.

    Basically to show off how many users my forum have. It’s a mental thing. To create awareness that theres a certain number of people involved in this forum that each person uses.

    This is the closest plugin that I’m aware of:

    I don’t think it displays a total number of registered users though…



    Like this Jeep Forum , at the very bottom it says, “Threads: 1,148,850, Posts: 13,982,721, Jeepers: 410,279” . I would like to have something similar.

    Anonymous User 5853594


    bbPress comes with a widget for that: “(bbPress) Statistics”. You can display it a widget area in your theme and it displays the following: Registered Users, Forums, Topics, Replies, Topic Tags, Empty Topic Tags.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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