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show Recent BBpress Topic as a wordpress posts

  • Hi All Suport

    i am very new in using wordpress and BBpress and i want to know how can i hide my BBpress Topics and make it appear as wordpress posts in home page for example

    this site and he is doing a forum on it and his forum is also like a wordpress blog but also i don’t know which plugins he use but it’s Google results appear like Forums like that… – Cached

    100+ posts – 100+ authors – Last post: 11 Jul <

    [ I mean this result]

    Question Posted by : Sem Zulcic I wanted to jailbreak my iphone 4 4.2.1 with redsnow but I keep getting an error. I keep getting stuck at …


    Don’t forget that his Permalink is correct and full

    so the Questions is:

    1- what is plugins he use.

    2- can i do a forum like that with BBpress or Simple:press with correct links and only want to show topics in <h2> and post summary only and the comments count as new authors

    3- and if he didn’t use any forum plugins how can i do that to appear in google like forum ?

    Thanks for help

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  • barbdvegeen


    He probably uses plugins such as email/subscription/ view trackers and forms. And yeah even without all the intricate plugins, you can create a similar forum like it.

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